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Our state-of-the-art approach to facilities maintenance is not your typical “mop & bucket” cleaning service; in fact our unique process is world renowned and industry leading.

Every facility we contract with, as part of our 24/7 specialized maintenance network, is assigned a dedicated team of experts who will seamlessly integrate all decision making with their specific Site Manager or counterpart on your staff.

Each team we deploy includes experts in specific disciplines perfectly tailored to the demanding needs of the industries we serve.

It all starts with your Team Lead.   They’ll be your primary point of contact, available to plan and troubleshoot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Your Team Lead will develop a comprehensive strategy to suit your particular needs and will constantly reevaluate those needs to ensure maximum efficiency on an ongoing basis.

Machine Maintenance Managers will ensure the appropriate cleaning, safety, maintenance and even repair of all onsite machinery.  Our managers have extensive experience with loaders, lifts, conveyors, presses, lathes, shears, grinders, plasma tools, pressure systems, and more.

Chemical Specialists who will determine the appropriate cleaning chemicals and their application for your site.  They also oversee the collection of hazardous or non-hazardous waste in correctly labeled containers and ensure transfer to proper collection areas for disposal, recycling, or reuse.

Equipment Consultants to determine proper protocols for all specialized facilities maintenance.  Our consultants also direct sub-teams as they simultaneously disperse throughout your facility to tackle various maintenance projects for maximum efficiency.

Onsite Safety Managers to adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance.  For your team and ours, safety is our top priority.

The Millennium team approach is the most cost-effective, detail oriented, and results driven facilities management system available today.  We are proud of the process and confident in the results we can deliver your business.

We look forward to taking your business to new levels of cleanliness, safety, and efficiency for many years to come.



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