MillFac, Atlanta Georgia : Facilities Cleaning Service

Film & Television Production


Everyone knows their role on-set.  We certainly know ours!

Quiet on the set!  And clean, and safe, and orderly too!

In the fast moving, high pressure world of film and TV production every second counts.  We understand that your budgets are tight and your crew is usually stretched thin. The last thing on everyone’s mind is cleaning and maintenance when they’re focused on getting the shot and staying on schedule.

Our extensive experience working on sets of every size and description makes Millennium your production’s new, secret weapon.  We know that a clean, safe shooting environment is crucial to a successful production. From set-prep, to scene clean up, craft services sanitation, and even post-production facilities maintenance, Millennium is the leading production facilities services group in the southeast.

Whether it’s a quick pickup shoot, principal photography on a lengthy feature, or anything in between, we’re here to help.  There’s no production too big or too small to benefit from our specialized industry-specific services.

We can also provide equipment rentals like condor lifts, golf carts, honey wagons, radios and more.  Just let us know your needs and we’ll bring the equipment to you.

The production industry is booming in Atlanta and the surrounding areas and Millennium is proud to be known as essential, indispensable crew members on some of the biggest and most exciting shows around.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help make your next production a hit!