MillFac, Atlanta Georgia : Facilities Cleaning Service



To make something good you’ve got to make a mess...
and that’s just fine with us.

With our years of experience maintaining some of the busiest manufacturing and industrial facilities around, we know a thing or two about getting our hands dirty.  We offer a complete range of technical cleaning. Whether it's flying an aerial lift to clean your overhead pipes and vents to a deep clean on a busy machine room floor, Millennium can handle it with little to no interruption to your operations.

We understand that your manufacturing business is unique.  That’s why we start by sending our highly trained consultants to walk your floors, observe your processes, and learn every aspect of your industry to better understand and determine your exact needs.  We use this information to develop a detailed service strategy, which we can incorporate, seamlessly, into your daily workflow.

Our uncompromising approach has benefitted our many manufacturing customers in countless ways.  Increased overall productivity and efficiency, safer, cleaner workplaces, a dramatic reduction in accidents and stop-downs, improved employee happiness and satisfaction.  These are all direct results of Millennium’s unique approach to specialized cleaning and maintenance processes.

From automotive to aerospace, food & beverage to furniture and every business in between, Millennium has experience servicing your particular needs.  Machine cleaning, pallet racking installation, forklift & baler operations, waste handling, and scrubber/sweeper operations, we cover literally every aspect of janitorial services and more.

If you see something we’ve missed, give us a call and we’ll give you a personalized, detailed assessment of your needs.