MillFac, Atlanta Georgia : Facilities Cleaning Service

Distribution Centers


You distribute the goods, we’ll do away with the dirt!

Keeping products flowing efficiently through your distribution center requires a well-oiled machine and is crucial to your profitability.  That can’t happen when you’re constantly stopping to clean up a mess. That’s where we come in. Millennium is here to be your partner in success and to help improve your busy center’s overall efficiency.

We don’t have to tell you that every day presents its own unique challenges and the last thing you need is a shutdown due to poorly maintained equipment or a messy, dangerous workplace.  These events are avoidable and taking them seriously is the only way to outshine the competition.

We work round-the-clock to ensure your center is always operating at peak performance levels.  From forklift operations to trailer washouts, overhead cleaning to onsite account management, there’s no job we haven’t tackled and nothing too big for Millennium.  We’re inspired by the challenges each new day presents and we’re constantly striving for new levels of excellence. Just like you.