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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide our customers competent quality support at competitive rates, in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on our ability to instantly respond to your needs, and superior customer service. We understand that your success is our success.

    At Millennium Facility Services we believe that training and close supervision are important for consistent quality service. In the last several years, manufacturers have aggressively sought ways to reduce their overhead costs and improve their positions in the marketplace and we have been fortunate enough to have been selected as the instrument of change in many of those cases.

    Our clients approached us to help them develop operational cost savings and cost avoidance opportunities, and we have been able to offer lower costs for activities that were routinely outsourced to much more costly contractors.

    Since 1990 we have gained valuable experience and knowledge—putting us at the top of our industry in customer service and satisfaction. We can say with all sincerity that the quality of our service is second to none.